Design & Planning


If You’re Looking For A Professional, Experienced Team To Help Redesign Your Shop Or Office Space, Look No Further Than Colda Constructions

When you’re thinking about redesigning your shop or office you’ll quickly realise that there is more to it than you might imagine. Not only does the space have to look good, it needs to be functional for staff and customers, the layout needs to ensure efficiency and it needs to genuinely reflect the culture of your business.

Getting all these aspects right is not simple which is why we offer a Design and Planning service. You’ll receive expert input on the design, from your corporate image, to practicality, to health and safety.

We will work with you throughout the process and as with all communication throughout Colda Constructions projects, you’ll have one point of contact to work with so you always know who to talk to.

What kinds of design and planning services do we offer?

  • Office design services and layout planning
  • Shop design services and layout planning
  • Interior design
  • Architectural drawings
  • Engineering services
  • Project certification

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